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Problem with moving number

Hi i have moved my number recently, supposed to be up and running by 14/08 6pm. I can receive calls and texts but cannot make them. There is just no signal on my phone, just like there is no sim card. I've been texting with 3 people on chat but I could not get any help. First person asked me to top up, second person to switch my phone of, take card out and switch it on, third person said engineers are "doing their thing". Please could someone help me? I'm stuck without mobile. And no one seems to know what the problem is. Thanks
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Re: Problem with moving number

@Milena It sounds like a split port and you need to ask customer serviice to request the porting files again. Try to borrow a phone rather than use the unreliable live chat.

Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

Any assistance here @Marjo   @EmilieT   @Martin-O2 ?

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Re: Problem with moving number

@Milena  We are all customers here, so there's very little we can do. You can call customer service from any phone for free or use Skype to call on 0800 032 1402. Better to talk to someone than use Live Chat. 


What do you mean when you say there is no sim card? Did you move your number from another network, or from O2 Pay Monthly to Pay & Go?


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Re: Problem with moving number

Good morning @Milena, and welcome to the community Wave


How are you getting on with this now? If you still need some help, please give us a shout and we can get someone on our end to look into what's going on for you Smiley Happy


Thanks for the mention @jonsie, and the help as well @Bambino thumbsup

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