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FREE10 not working

I just got my new PAYG sim with the big bundle tariff. Topped up and then texted FREE10 to the number quoted on the leaflet and it says the offer is not for me. I read the t&c and it does say it is for my sim, can I get some help with this please?

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Re: FREE10 not working

@Chloe2000 Call customer service & they will add it manually for you. 4445 from your payg phone 

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Re: FREE10 not working

@Chloe2000 The link to this post might help: https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Pay-As-You-Go/O2-Free-10-offer/m-p/1107533#M7599


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Re: FREE10 not working

Thank you Bambino, I saw that post before but it was from last year and sounded like they had their issue solved by posting here Smiley Happy

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Re: FREE10 not working

Hi @Chloe2000, did you get a chance to reach out to Customer Service since oyu last posted, as suggested above? Any progress with this, or do you need further help?


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