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Please help phone ticket????

I received an email this morning about presales happening at the moment.
I was just about to purchase a George Clinton ticket...when I noticedit said was an e-ticket. Now I am completely on my own,and honestly do not have access to a printer ,and I promise you there is no one that I can ask.
This small rural town,and have limited places that,would poss help, but they have now sign saying, they don't print concert e tickets, I presume they had too many times it not being as straight forward as always described.
Aww POINT is,I phoned actual venue(miracle to actually find a phone number these days),

explained situation....and was told no need to print anything,as ticket can/will show up as mobile ticket and scanned straight from the phone...I asked would it be pdf file...

was told yes, now I know how to open them.
But I've NEVER had/used mobile ticket...so worried if it opens up to a printed ticket.
And will a mobile ticket show up on my phone (Galaxy S7)....as no app,etc was mentioned.

I just want reassure that I will get phone ticket and not a printed ticket?
She did reassure me it would be mobile ticket, and no need to worry about printing anything.

I did ask would it be pdf, she said yes...I asked, and want to know for sure that I'm able to keep pdf unopened until night of concert, as don't want to mess it up in anyway.

The concert is in June , I need to buy tickets NOW, as tomorrow goes on general sale.
I've never had/used a moble ticket before. So, would be grateful if someone will put my mind at rest, and explain, it will show as mobile ticket on my phone???
I'm old skool,like to have ticket in my hand, either posted or collect from box office.

So please can someone help? I appreciate any inho I can get,
Thank you.....

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Re: Please help phone ticket????

@Music22  Many tickets sold now are e-tickets for security reasons. You'll just have to carefully follow the instructions on how to download it. I don't know how good you are at doing things like this, so I can't guarantee it will work, but it should, in theory. If you decide to go ahead, please come back and share your experience, as it might help others who are new to this too.


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Re: Please help phone ticket????


I fly all over the world with my job and I always get airline tickets sent to my phone.

You will receive an email with the ticket as an attachment. You just tap on the attachment and it opens up your ticket with a barcode on it that the venue can scan and confirm that it is genuine.

This is common place these days and you have nothing to worry about at all.

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Re: Please help phone ticket????

If you open the ticket do a screenshot and it will also be available in your photo gallery. Just a little added assurance for peace of mind. I always do this with e-tickets and boarding passes.