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Hi All,

Not sure if i'm in the right place but i was looking at getting some tickets for me and a few mates for the rugby that go on sale tomoz, is there a max number you can buy?




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@Jamieporter82 You are not in the right place. This is a customer community, Please see this link: https://priority.o2.co.uk/tickets/5c2c8d06dc0e82003eacbc22/guinness-six-nations-2019-england-v-franc...


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Re: 02

Hey @Jamieporter82, did you manage to get your hands on some tickets today? I've never been to a rugby game myself but I've heard it's a lot of frun, so fingers crossed for you! Regarding your question, I found the following information in the Priority FAQ which should help:


How many Priority Tickets can I buy?

You can buy up to six tickets for each event. It may be less, depending on the event. It's always best to check the terms and conditions when you click through to purchase the tickets.


Thanks @Bambino for the link to the tickets as well slight smile

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