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Virgin/O2 signed me up using the wrong email address. Can’t access my number/bills/account.

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so I signed up to O2 via Virgin Media through the Volt package. The Virgin Media agent unfortunately signed me up using an email that doesn’t belong to me, it’s very close to my email but one character is wrong.


Thus, signing in to My O2 account via the web or via app takes me to my account but my SIM/number isn’t tied to the account, but to the other one that was used. Unfortunately, when trying to register my number to my email address through My O2, inevitably I am met with a message that says this number cannot be registered as it is already registered to another email address.


After contacting both Virgin and O2 I’ve been told as this relates to GDPR I have to wait up to 30 days until this can be resolved, despite me checking the chat logs and confirming I did input the correct email when Virgin asked me what email to sign up with (the same email I use with them).


What makes this worse is that when signing up I was promised 4GB data doubled to 8GB with Volt for £5 per month, instead I’ve received 2GB data upgraded to 4GB for the same monthly fee.


I found a deal to upgrade online through Uswitch for 30GB data at £7.99 per month which I cannot access due to the issues with my account. When I asked O2 to match it I was quoted with the same allowances for £16.99 per month, so over double.


I don’t really know where to go from here. I’ve tried live chat, Twitter and calling but I’m getting the same responses, I tried escalating to a complaint but I was told ‘they can’t do that via live chat’, which I was then told the same over the phone today.


Where the hell do I go to get this sorted? I’ve had my sim with O2 all of two days and it’s been nothing but issue after issue.

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Once you gain access to your MyO2 and you can upgrade, use USwitch

Choose the deal you want

This will automatically redirect you to the O2 website

Just follow the prompts and choose the UPGRADE option

Complete the deal and nothing on your account changes except the tariff at the new cheaper cost

Payment date is the same and your next bill will be at a cheaper rate and will be made up of the pro rata cost of your old tariff and your new tariff

The change should show in My O2 within 24 hours

Volt benefits will still apply as will possibly a 3 month extra such as Disney+

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.
Please select the post that helped you best and mark as the solution. This helps other members in resolving their issues faster. Thank you.
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I would suggest that you do not escalate via a complaint. These are taking O2 up to eight weeks to investigate and respond to, and in the interim, other O2 teams will be either unable or unwilling to engage with you.


Hence, you need to persevere with contacting O2. Unfortunately, this is a customer to customer community so we cannot access your account or offer other direct help.


I suggest that you message O2's UK-based social media team, as they have a strong reputation for solving problems :-


Facebook :


X (previously known as Twitter) :


Instagram :


A complete schedule of how to contact O2 is in :-


Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

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