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Upgrading Switch Up

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Hello, I have been on my O2 account looking to upgrade to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. However, my account says that I have the O2 switch up which will let me swap my current phone for a new one. It also says "It doesn't matter how long you've got left on your current contract - We'll pay it off for you".

I have gone through the upgrade/switch-up process and added in the phone I have now to only be told it doesn't count for a switch-up option. Please can I know why my O2 account says I can use my switch-up then doesn't let me? I've had my phone since the 6th of FEB last year and I know on the switch-up it says I have to have my phone for at least 90+ days which I have and still the switch-up isn't working. 

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You'll need to ask O2.

Looks like you should contact the sales team as they can help with that – message them on Social Media if that works best for you -on Facebook ( , Twitter ( or Instagram (

Or you can call them on 0800 081 0255


Guide: Introducing O2 Switch Up. Swap phones whenever you want! 

Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

I should also add that switch up is best done in store.

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