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Can't access MyO2 after signing up through Virgin Media

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I've recently signed up for an O2 sim after upgrading my broadband package to a Volt package via Virgin Media.

I have received a confirmation email to access MyO2 but after receiving a code then being asked my billing information and then postcode to confirm my identity - I have inputted the correct information and then after being told this information is incorrect, have now been locked out of my account before I have even had chance to access it.

I have then just received a text saying my payment method has been changed to an annual payment (without me doing so), and cannot access the MyO2 app on my phone as to access my account I need a confirmation code and "We can't send you anymore codes". 


I am at a loss as to what I need to do at this point.

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The app can be a bit ropey at times, @JamieWilkinson - are you able to login via a browser using ?

If so, uninstall the app, reboot the phone and reinstall the MyO2 app from your play store.

Otherwise you are going to have to contact O2, all the ways to do that are here: Guide: How to find help & contact O2 (the Social Media team, whilst needing a nudge or three, are accessible via Twitter/X, Facebook Messenger or Instagram via the link just below this post if you prefer).

Good luck, and welcome to O2.

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