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Re: eSIM for Samsung LTE watch

Hi, Grimsnack,
As @madasaf1sh said, we wouldn't know. Sorry, I can't be of more help.
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Re: eSIM for Samsung LTE watch

Thanks again O2Sophie - sounds like your as uninformed as we are. Appreciate you taking tbe time out to comment 👍
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Re: eSIM for Samsung LTE watch

@Grimsnack wrote:
Thanks for that O2Sophie - do you know why it's taking such a long time for O2 to privide support for what has to be the world-s kargest phone manufacturer, when O2 already support Apple, one of the smaller manufacturers? It would be great to understand why we're still waiting 🙂

Hey, sorry to butt in but just thought I'd add that while I can't share any reasons behind why it isn't yet supported, the eSIM implementation on wearables and Android devices does work very differently to that of iPhone and Apple Watch.

Currently we support eSIM on the iPhone XS range, XR, 11 range and SE 2020. We also support the Samsung S20 range and Google Pixel 3 range. We will add more eSIM compatible devices to our portfolio, but this unfortunately isn't a 'one size fits all' - each requires different software updates, testing, as well as implementation and system changes on our side which can take time due to the complexity of it all.

As soon as there's any movement or changes on that front - particularly with regards to eSIM supported Samsung Watches - we'll let everyone know.

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