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S24 Two weeks on

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After scouring the Internet for weeks looking for information on the s24 and trying to decide whether or not to order one - I took the plunge swallowed my brave pills and pre-ordered the s24.

Pre release the s24 was getting mixed speculation many saying that it wasn't going to be much of an upgrade on the previous years model and some saying that it was going to be a whole new ball game. After using mine for two weeks I can confirm that the latter is true. The s24 is a game changer - battery life has vastly improved over my last phone the z flip 3, granted the z flip 3 had a relatively smaller battery but the s24 is more power hungry than my previous device. Lasting around 2 days I feel that I barely have to worry about charging this even after playing games and watching YouTube or listening to music on the go. 

The screen is mega Sharpe and really gives you a sense of depth and color that I have never experienced until now with a smart phone and its so bright. I actually have to turn down the brightness to save my eyes from burning. No problem viewing in a bright sunny day (I will test this when we get our British summer time) which is great to watch videos when out.

I love the customaility of the new samsung ui6 and they have really made it more accessible in many ways. With the introduction of integrated AI making sense of things has just become 10x easier.

The one feature that really stood out for me was the circle to search feature. I can actually circle a picture from 30 years ago and it will tell me where the picture was taken based on the scenery, I was truly blown away by this. 

I'm extremely glad I took those brave pills and pre ordered the s24 the mixed speculation quickly became a harmony of compliments for the s24 and how it is the flagship phone to have. My s24 ultra has very quickly become the best smartphone I have had so far. 

Are you on the fence deciding if you should order yours? Honestly, you won't regret it if you do. In my opinion it will be very difficult for any other device to compete. 

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Thanks for your report.

Glad you enjoy the new phone


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Thank you for those thoughts. Reviews of the three S24 handsets have generally been favourable.


I am hoping that if an A55 is released in the Spring, some of these improvements will be evident ; that will make the A55 splendid value for money for those who cannot or do not want to spend at S24 levels.    

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