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I lost service about 4pm and after switching off 3 or four times I checked the 02 website to see if any notices about faults. When I didnt see anything obviously there, I contacted my sister who lives just a mile away and her o2 service is working. I therfore put it down to a faulty phone. It was only on delving deeper into the o2 site that I found these discussions and find that many other people are having the same problem all round the country. Why oh why have o2 not put something prominent on their website to save all the wasted time and give us some idea how long the problem is going to last??????? EJ Accrington Lancs
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Totally agree with you, O2 have been a real let down and if we were to do something similar like not tell them we were paying a bill late we would be penalised for it. I have been with out any service for hours now.
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exactly the same. and what will we get compensated for it. nothing I bet. we would get hit with late charges 4 bills and we can't even use the service were paying for. grrrr :@
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very frustrating especially when my husband in the same house has service on his phone!
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@Anonymous wrote:
I lost service about 4pm and after switching off 3 or four times I checked the 02 website to see if any notices about faults.

This was posted around 2pm today on the service status page:


To support Disasters Emergency Committee: text Nepal to 70000 to send £5

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Same here in Nelson. Lost it at 4pm and still without it. Was waiting for a a very important callback from solicitors as well. Cheers O2
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Your right dippi89, to rub even more salt in, my daughter is on O2 pay as you go and she has a signal, I'm on contract and do not, both identical phones. I have rung my local O2 shop up and if there was a box of usless they would be next to it, they were aware of the problem but had no explanation or any idea of how long the service would be down. 21st century and still in the dark ages... What a service!!!
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Its a disgrace, I have had no service on my Blackberry since 1230hrs today and o2 make it so difficult to speak to them about it (perhaps the system is designed to enable them to not talk to people when the o2 service is #### or down as they can't take the flack on the chin) and I tried to use their super online webpage I get a message all afternoon saying this is not currently available!! Further - their o2 service status webpage keeps timing out when I try to get any updates on the problem. What a shower of ***** o2 are - they take your money and then make you to whistle for after service.
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i have been without service nearly all day too im in newton aycliffe i too have had to delve into the website to find this communication bad crack o2 very bad
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I agree - they would batter us for breaching our contract with them...but they seem to do what they like and we have to whistle. Its also irritating the way o2 keep bombarding customers with stupid text messages asking us to take advantage of their wonderful bolt on's....I have found that my o2 Blackberry is as much use as a car without an engine. GRRRRR.
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