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O2 - Should be clear about the "credit limit" assigned to your account up-front.

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Hi all,


I am quite an active spender with my mobile, my children use it for PlayStation (Charge to Bill) and I make international calls. It seems that there is a cryptic system in place, where it will keep sending SMS alerts about checking your spending on MyO2 - which is great advice in principal, thanks!


However, these appear to be subtle hints that you're about to have your service disconnected with a request for up-front payments in advance of your bill. Since O2 actively facilitate Charge to Spend services, essentially providing credit in advance, there should be a clear indication of what your spending limit is, in terms of maximum out-of-tariff spend, rather than crossing the threshold unexpectedly (since we aren't told what our limit is) and then being disconnected with a demand for a deposit on the balance.


The credit limit of a customer appears to be an internal metric, which is fine, but even clarification beforehand of impending disconnection (should further charges accumulate) would be ideal.


I don't know if there would be legal barriers by providing a credit limit, or better termed a "spend limit" but it is an inconvenience and defeats the purpose of the Bill Me Later' facility. Even if a customer's credit limit has been reached, O2 can and should bar all chargeable activity (while keeping in-bundle allowances active) for a balance deposit. Disconnecting someone's SIM is a massive inconvenience and when the payment request is out of the blue, it may not be achievable on-demand. This is feedback and not a complaint.


Has anyone else had an experience like this and what are your opinions?


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This is all done with the best intentions, to prevent a stolen sim / phone been used and a big bill run up, and it is also the appetite o2 have for risk on your account. 


The only network I know that tells you your credit limit is Virgin Media, and even then they will block sims if you trigger there internal risk systems. 



Unfortunately you cant please everyone, at the end of the day if you are using Bill me later a lot then you should really be using a real credit product or something like the klarna card, as o2 do not offer a true credit product linked to the Airtime Portion of the account.

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It happened with me now I have a bar on my phone but that's what I wanted should of asked for that in the first place 

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