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Replacement laptop needed - but which to suit particular needs ?

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Hi Everyone sorry i havent been around for a while , healthissues and Covid malaise


The lid/screen of my laptop/ notebook ASUS  , i3 , 7th generation, refurbished is wonky after a knock . Its about 6 yrs old . In case the lid detaches Im searching for a replacement but things have changed 

  1.   3 laptops over a many years from this store   .  The Asus , an HP good and one other HP.   When i bought the ASUS i spoke to a different guy and forgot to mention my deafness. My ASUS does not have a good sound quality. HP and a DELL did

So i think Im looking for 

A fairly basic laptop Importantly  good sound quality I use Open Office rather than Microsoft office

  • I do some photography using Elements Photoshop - but no longer for competition , Personal stuff only
  • Lite weight ?- tho i ought to get my tablet up and running for occasional out of house usage/travel
  • Present Usage  Windows 10 ; basic
  •                      Text, Spreadsheet ;
  •                                     Internet
  •                                             Photography - some manipulation. upload and downloading from phone
  •                 Britbox , Rakuten TV once a month only . Possibly Netflix but ?,  not used yet 
  • The sound quality or adjustment is key. I cant listen to Britbox,or  U tube via ASUS as the sound is poor. I have  a severe hearing loss. Subtitles help but sound is needed even for thisThe refurbishhed laptops have served me well over 15 yrs but Im out of date with what to look for at Laptop station         
  • PLUS other suggestions
  • Cost 250 - 600 ish tho lower end preferred 

Size   14 " - 


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Tech wise I could normally help you.. and from your needs, you don't have anything special or specific to any laptop. The main need tho is the sound due to your hearing loss.


I would hesitate to recommend any laptop, as the sound issue is subjective. ie what I hear as good, you may not be able to.


Just as a thought tho, have you considered going to umm Currys or someplace like that, and testing a range of laptops to see which one suits you best ? I'm sure if you explained why they would gladly let you listen to a number of laptops. This could help in narrowing down the choice to a manufacturer... 


From there we could look at tech specs...

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Have a look at some of the Lenovo's at


Also have a look at



You can always pick up a cheap Chromebook, which will do everything but Photo Editing really well. 

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Hithanks for the suggestion . My hearing loss is more towards the high sounds but is severe across the board. The HP I had about 10yrs ago was pretty good hearingwise. I was swayed by price the last time and bought the ASUS which was 40.00 cheaper than the HP. I forgot to menton the hearing issue otherwise i could ave listened in. The assistant on the first occasion had a sister with hearing issues, so understood. 

Do all laptops have no CD //DVD drawer these days . I have to use an extra piece of kit which seems to go missing when wanted. 

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Modern laptops in the lower price brackets have one or more USB ports in place of CD or DVD drives these days, @Jenny105 - it is possible to pick up an external CD or DVD device that connects via USB. Or go with the flow and get your discs moved to storage, such as a USB pen drive, or hard drive, or even cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon also offer it to their Prime customers as a 'freebie', see attached).


Hope the previous suggestions help you find something with adequate sound in your price bracket!


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Hi I went to local store where i have bought 3 refurbished laptops b4.  They said that sound wasnt something they tested b4 sale!!. Theymentioned a customer who'd bought a laptop but couldnt hear it. It didnt sound (pun) as if they refunded. On ebay one can now expect a refund on any goods including 2nd hand. I thought that was law now.

At the local Hearing Centre closeby I asked about laptop sound . They (&the shop) suggested adjustable speakers. TheCentre added the idea of a plug in loop. I was given the latter. Or the idea of blue tooth. Im expecting blue tooth aids in August.

I saw 2 laptops on Monday Huweii and an HP.  I will go back to check on the speaker/ loop plug in. The Head-phone socket for these is not working on the present ASUS machine.   I also need a camera sim card slot . 

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