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iPhone 8+ screen

Does anyone know which screen the o2 iPhone 8+ models has? A1897? Or some other..How does one find out?

The reason I ask is that I had a look at one in an o2 store today as am due an upgrade on Monday and as can't stand the X my only option seems to be the 8+. But the model i tried had a very dim, yellowish screen as I compared it next to my 7+ which is bright and not yellow. I checked the setting and it was set at maximum brightness.

Looking at the X the videos are smaller and the keyboard smaller as well + the notch is very annoying so think it is too expensive fora phone you can't love!

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Re: iPhone 8+ screen

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The O2 phones are the same as all the other 8+ phones sold on the other networks or by Apple.
Someone may have been messing with the colour temp or nightshift on the demo model though so I wouldn't worry too much about it.
Settings >General >Accessibility >Display Accommodations.

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