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Re: O2 wifi calling problem

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@gmarkj There was no known issue around this that we were looking into, so no updates I'm afraid confused 


@FraserWood Did you give all the suggestions above a try? If you look at the previous replies there are a few things you can check that might help!

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Re: O2 wifi calling problem

Hey folks,


I have been looking for a while for a post relating to this issue, mainly Apple discussion forums & Google searches. I don't understand why o2 seem to think there is none. I have an iPhone XS Max, also my wife, both are o2 branded devices, and both suffer from dropped calls inbound & outbound when at home. Nothing to do with the WiFi at home, and certainly by the looks of it, nothing to do with the signal strength. Whether WiFi calls are enabled or not, with 3 out of the full 4 bars of mobile signal showing, calls just drop. And yet, o2 say it is device related, Apple say check with your carrier. No known faults, nor any maintenance at the postcodes where this is happening, including home. 


Is it the phone, is it the device, is it iOS 12.1.3, is it the WiFi, quite frankly I don't think it is any of these, I feel all the troubleshooting we have done here so far points towards the o2 network.


Good luck to anyone who has done the multiple restores via iTunes, the resetting network settings, and reset all settings, as well as sim swapping, wifi rebooting, and mesh network reset & setup steps like we have, only to continue getting dropped calls.