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Has O2 got massive communication problems with it's customers?

As a long standing customer of 02 (over 15 years), I happily pre-ordered my iphone 7 plus very early on the 9th September. Got confirmation of order-all good. Waited a few days and rang o2 just to see when it would arrive, and was promised faithfully that it would be Fri 16th September. 

APPARENTLY a message was sent out saying this wasn't possible due to stock problems. I was expecting this tbh, but what I was not expecting was absolutely no contact from o2 in anyway other than usual barrage of adverts and sales emails - several a day in fact.

So I'm still waiting - dont get me wrong - I GET the stock issue. Seems to be the same for everyone pretty much. What I dont get is o2's complete inability to furnish me with ANY information or update. 

When I ring they PROMISE and emai will be sent within 24 hours, but it never arrives. As for the online chat - it's a total waste of time - they barely speak English and copy and paste answers from a script that bears NO relevance to what you are asking. 

So from my point of view O2 have taken an awful lot of money off me for a product they don't even have, and failed to keep me updated in any way whatsoever. The only reason I know it's out of stock is from articles in the media.

Having been in business for 20 years, if I were to extract cash from my customers and just keep it without ever getting back to the customer to advise when they will receive their goods - we call that THEFT. I would end up on Rogue Traders or Watchdog. 

O2 if you cannot text or email me even ONCE, as one of the largest telecommunication companies in the UK, I'm thinking I should go somewhere else. YES I understand you're out of stock - SO SEND ME AN EMAIL OR TEXT EXPLAINING THIS PLEASE. Dont just take my money with no contact whatsoever. 

Imagine if I listed iphone7s on ebay, took the money off customers but then never contacted anyone as I didnt actually have any iphones to start with....Fraud? Well that's what O2 are doing....

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Re: Has O2 got massive communication problems with it's customers?

The wellbeing and dissatisfaction of o2's customers is quite clearly negligible to o2. No strategy, no access to consistent unambiguous information and holding no accountability over the lies being told on the CS chat. Utterly ridiculous.
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Re: Has O2 got massive communication problems with it's customers?

Them barely speaking English is an understatement. I told online chat about times I didn't have a phone right now, on the 5th time of being asked to use my 'smartphone' to complete an order I replied... Sure, do you mind waiting for it to arrive first? The online CS said yes no problems! Lol. So I said are you sure? It might take a few weeks... His reply? I'll just check! LMFAO!😂😂😂
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Re: Has O2 got massive communication problems with it's customers?

My experience has been the same.


The complete lack of communication has surprised me to be honest! Considering o2 are a communications company, they have been really bad for this iphone 7 upgrade. I understand to an extent that stock issues are out of their hands but to be promised on several occasions that I will be recieving my phone the next day on a daily basis via the online chat staff is disappointing!

I'm seriously considering leaving o2 and scrapping my upgrade.