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Unable to see incoming phone numbers

Hi all.

Every phone call I receive says Unknown, whether it's my girlfriend, my mum, or me calling from my home number to everyone else. I know the 3 above don't have their settings set to hide number for a fact, yet it comes up unknown every darn time.

It never used to do this, I've got calls in my lists that have shown up numbers going back to 2018, then all of a sudden it went to not displaying numbers.

I've checked every setting possible in all the settings, everything my end shows that I should be seeing people's numbers, and I've contacted 02 who can't understand it as I have CD activated.

Has anyone else had this problem as it's driving me bananas. I answer a lot of calls I wouldn't ordinarily, like the automated PPI ones etc, as I never know if the caller is someone I care about, or just spam.

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S8, the android version is up to date (Android 9.0 or something I think) and in all my settings I have everything set as normal, exactly as it all was when I was actually seeing incoming numbers just fine.

It's seriously making me consider buying a new phone on a new network, as O2 haven't helped me, and I've trawled the web for Samsung S8 problems the same and I'm not getting anywhere. I've even downloaded 3rd party calling apps hoping that'd solve the problem but it doesn't, I use my home phone to call myself, which I know for a fact doesn't have outbound number hidden and it still comes up Unknown.

Any help greatly appreciated.
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Re: Unable to see incoming phone numbers

Hi @LostSock 

This was a problem for someone else with  the same phone.

According to @MI5  you need to call customer services and ask if PLIST is enabled on your account (a network control which allows caller ID to be displayed)



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Re: Unable to see incoming phone numbers

Out of interest, does the problem move with the SIM? I mean, have you tried your SIM in another phone to see if the Unknown still happens?
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Re: Unable to see incoming phone numbers

Or does it happen with a new sim in your phone @LostSock?

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