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My new phone is getting so hot

Hi,My new Galaxy S20 Ultra is getting so hot in my hand that after 1 hours use,my hand took over 4 hours to cease the burning and tingling sensations!!

Now my right hand has become so sensitive to the phone it starts with the sensations straight away on use and after only 5 days i find it difficult handling the phone at all.


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated as i have never experienced anything as bad as this with a phone!!!???

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Re: My new phone is getting so hot

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If it's that hot it's faulty so return it to O2 for exchange.


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Re: My new phone is getting so hot


It sounds faulty. Give O2 a call and see if they will change it.

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Re: My new phone is getting so hot

It sounds like a faulty unit it if its getting that hot.