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Re: Sony Xperia Z2 - Available for pre-order NOW!

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With the lack of updates from the My o2 order status and every O2 staff member I have spoken too. I can generally say that know one has a clue about the delivery day for the pre orders that are being delivered and keeps quoting the website's Info.

I am finding it strange  that people who pre-ordered the phone for store collection has already been informed that their phone is ready to collect on the 1st May, however we have had no updates what so ever other than the vague info of we have always said the release date will be the W/C 28th, until last week you confirmed the delivery day to be the 1st May.What use is that to us now when your staff still cannot confirm when our phones will be dispatched and delivered.

I can't see us getting the phone on launch day for us that asked for home delivery, as I'm lead to believe you use standard delivery which takes 2-3days. If that's the case I think you should upgrade everyone's delivery method to next day free of charge for delivery on 1st May.

Please can someone higher with the correct information confirm if we are getting our pre-orders delivered on 1st May also ?

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Re: Sony Xperia Z2 - Available for pre-order NOW!

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That's not the case, I have it pre ordered to colect at store but no email or anything till now, o2 is acting like they give us this for free. IS SOMEBODY GOING TO UPDATE US ON WHAT'S GOING ON???
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Re: Sony Xperia Z2 - Available for pre-order NOW!

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I must agree with everything that has been said so far, this is shockingly bad.

At best, O2 staff dont read their own forums and at worst they do read their own forums and just dont care.

I have had my z2 on pre order almost as soon as the tablet offer was announced and have heard nothing since despite paying for the phone already, in advance.

Its okay saying 'WC 28th'  or 'check previous posts', it doe snot help us; how about i do the same and say 'Ill pay you at some point, but not telling out when'. O2 would be up in arms and ruining my credit file within a day yet O2 have taken my money and now are Ignorant (ignoring customers) or Stupid (no idea whats going on) and i cannot figure out which, but its not a good start for a first time O2 customer.

For my part i went to my store where its supposed to be delivered (wigan) and after speaking to 3 staff over 3 seperate days ive been told theres its not O2s fault, its sony playing silly buggers (carefull what you say O2!), theres not been 2000 pre orders for the z2 yet so I will get a tablet (as will everyone), its not in stock YET but will be by 1st May and not to worry if i dont have a text/email as i will have one. Open 9am till 5pm.

Lets see if that promise is cashable as ive recieved NOTHING from O2 so far.

P.S. Phones4u Wigan AND Vodafone store wigan were happy to sell me a Z2 there and then and i had one physically in my hand so they have them in stock.

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Re: Sony Xperia Z2 - Available for pre-order NOW!

Many thanks Chris for the prompt response, however.. Those T&Cs lend no clarification to my query..

'There is a maximum of 2000 of these tablets available on a first come first served basis. We will update this website if stock runs out.'

Are there more than 2000 redemption leaflets issued and is it a first come first served for those that contact O2/Sony once they physically receive the leaflet? Or is it max 2000 redemption leaflets issued to the first 2000 to preorder?

I attempted to change the delivery address to an O2 store for instance but was told this can only be done once a delivery has failed. This is poor.. Surely this cannot be a Mount Everest in terms of administrative procedure?

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Re: Sony Xperia Z2 - Available for pre-order NOW!

I have just had a online chat with O2 customer services only to be told that they were expecting their first stock of Black phones in today but they have not arrived and are now expected around the 8th May but that is only estimated and they could take longer.

This is getting to be a joke as I pre ordered this at the beginning of April.


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Re: Sony Xperia Z2 - Available for pre-order NOW!

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8th of May???????? ARE THEY MAKING FUN OUT OF US..why did u make a deal with sony to have exclusive purple color if u cant even deliver black one..@chris_k give us some good updates and not some automated reply check on this link etc. or I will post to everypossible customer reports site what are you doing, you are o2 one of the biggest communications companies but this looks like some buymobile.net what the hell is wrong with you..do we get these phones for free? If i missed a payment for one day I would probably have the special squad on my door looking for money
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Re: Sony Xperia Z2 - Available for pre-order NOW!

Good evening Many

I will be honest and say I am somewhat disappointed by your post.

To be clear we are all CUSTOMERS on here and we try to assist people using our own experience.

Using such language and having a go at the mods is highly inappropriate. Please edit your post and then come back for support if necessary.

Thank you
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Re: Sony Xperia Z2 - Available for pre-order NOW!

Mate, I'm sorry if this offended you, it's not pointed towards any of the customers or mods of this forum, but the top people at O2, and i censured it so if you don't want to read things like that you can skip it. But I've been told I don't know anymore how many times that I will receive my phone on 11/04, on 17/04 on 28/04 on 1/05 and now the date of 8 of May is in the question? If they kept us on the track with some respective updates and not some links that point me to the site where it says week commencing 28th of April, and now they even can't tell us what's going on when this week came, and poor guys at customer service don't know anything either so they just keep saying 3-5 business days. I mean it's better to tell the hard truth than keep playing with us, I've been using Nokia 3320 for 2 months now. All other networks could deliver their pre orders 2 weeks ago, but I understand if O2 can't, but for god's sake let us know what's going on. We don't get this for free, we pay them for this, it's simple it works like any shop on the street you pay, you get! So at least give us some info!

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Re: Sony Xperia Z2 - Available for pre-order NOW!

Just had another conversation online asking if I could get a Purple one sooner. See below conversation with them.

info: at 22:09:44

Welcome to O2. Someone will be with you soon.

info: at 22:09:44

You're through to 'Chloe'

Chloe: at 22:09:47

Hello, it's Chloe here. I hope you're well. What can I do for you?

William Nicholson: at 22:10:02

Hi chloe

Chloe: at 22:10:29


William Nicholson: at 22:11:32

I ordered a Xperia Z2 in Black a month ago and was expecting delivery this week. I have just spoken to someone on chat in customer services and they have advised that you still have no stock of them and are not expecting them for at least another week.

William Nicholson: at 22:11:45

Have you the Purple ones in stock

Chloe: at 22:12:06

Even the purple colour is showing on pre-order.

Chloe: at 22:12:15

Both the phones are not in stock.

William Nicholson: at 22:12:54

why does no one update the website then as you are still showing them as available for delivery this week

Chloe: at 22:13:36

They are currently on pre order and the delivery will start from 1st of may

William Nicholson: at 22:14:17

your website says from the 28th April

Chloe: at 22:15:03

To check the details of your order i will have to get you connected to customer services team is that fine ?

William Nicholson: at 22:16:12

Its ok I just did that and they told me stock wouldn't be in until the 8th May at the earliest

William Nicholson: at 22:16:36

But they were talking about a black one

Chloe: at 22:16:33

Would you like to go for the purple ?

William Nicholson: at 22:16:57

only if it is quicker for delivery

William Nicholson: at 22:17:25

if I find a local O2 shop with stock can I collect from them

Chloe: at 22:17:29

Yes you can do one thing

Chloe: at 22:17:44

Just place the order for purple and pick up the phone instore

Chloe: at 22:17:48

It would be quicker

William Nicholson: at 22:18:12

I have already placed the order for a black one a month ago

Chloe: at 22:18:26

Once the new one is done will cancel the old order

William Nicholson: at 22:19:06

but then I will go to the back of the queue as I ordered the black one a month ago

Chloe: at 22:19:26

If you choose click and collect it will be quicker

William Nicholson: at 22:20:01

you say that but if you don't have stock I can't see how the shops will have stock

Chloe: at 22:20:27

Just let me check

William Nicholson: at 22:20:38

Best thing is to leave the order as it is and then if I can find one in a shop get them to call you and change to collect

Chloe: at 22:21:54

OK that would also be fine.

Chloe: at 22:22:02

You cannot change it though

Chloe: at 22:22:15

The stock will goto the store from online order.

Chloe: at 22:22:25

It has nothing to do with the store stock.

Chloe: at 22:22:55

Once you place the order and select click and collect we deliver the phone instore for you to collect rather than your home address.

William Nicholson: at 22:23:50

But if you have them in stock to deliver to the store you can deliver it to my home address

Chloe: at 22:24:07

Yes thats correct.

William Nicholson: at 22:25:08

so it won't be any quicker for me to cancel the order and change it to click and collect

Chloe: at 22:25:36

Just a moment let me check

Chloe: at 22:28:23

Seems the information given about the blank phone was incorrect.

Chloe: at 22:28:35

I'll get you connected to the service team, Please be online.

William Nicholson: at 22:28:55

ok thanks

info: at 22:28:54

We’re putting you through to the right person, won’t be long.

info: at 22:28:56

You're through to 'Prerak'

William Nicholson: at 22:29:09


Prerak: at 22:29:08

How are you.

William Nicholson: at 22:29:17

Please read above conversation

Prerak: at 22:29:22

Give me few minutes to read.

William Nicholson: at 22:29:30

I am rather frustrated to be honest

Prerak: at 22:29:44

I understand, give me a minute to read.

Prerak: at 22:31:35

Thanks for waiting.

Prerak: at 22:32:17

I I read the chat.

Prerak: at 22:32:47

As mentioned all our customers who have ordered the same phone as you have the same problem.

Prerak: at 22:33:10

We cannot comment on a particular date as we're about to receive the stock.

Prerak: at 22:33:23

Once we get it, we'll send it to you.

William Nicholson: at 22:34:36

But surely someone in authority should be finding out WHEN you will have stock so you can advise your customers

William Nicholson: at 22:35:00

that could be anytime between now and Christmas from what you are saying

Prerak: at 22:35:24

I checked that with a supervisor, it'll be with us in the 1st week of May.

Prerak: at 22:35:48

So as soon as we dispatch it, you'll get it in 3 working day.

William Nicholson: at 22:36:53

After letting your customers down surely you can send them out next day delivery

Prerak: at 22:37:41

I'll make it quick for you.

Prerak: at 22:38:03

We'll send you on next day delivery basis.

William Nicholson: at 22:38:21

how will you do that when you don't even know my order number

William Nicholson: at 22:38:34

bye and thanks for your help


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Re: Sony Xperia Z2 - Available for pre-order NOW!

If I'm to be honest also I am disappointed with the lack of assistance and honest information from the mods.

I feel we are now being ignored as the mods and O2 customer services generally do not have a clue what is going on.

A lot of the frustration could have been prevented if we as customers were not receiving conflicting information from all areas of O2.

I am also from a customer service back ground and I know things don't always go to plain, but if everyone at O2 was singing from the same hymn sheet I feel there would be a lot less frustrated customers.

Maybe an issue higher up the chain needs to support their staff across the board with better information.