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Hey Everyone,


Phishing scams are nothing new, they're the bane of all or email inboxes, unfortunately some do try and use our name and recently we've had a few reports of one particular scam, so we thought it would be a good time for a little update.


We've done a blog here


In the Blog it links to another article with specifics on the reporting side, but if you guys have any hints or tips to share feel free to do so.






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If it's something you are not familiar with then it's likely to be spam and if it asks for details to be confirmed normally done over a HTTPS connection then it's likely to be a phishing. Google Chrome and Firefox have great anti-phishing tools built into them, so reduces the need for 3rd party utilities or add-ons. 

Internet Explorer also has anti-phishing tools although I can't testify to how good they are although Windows Defender and Security Essentials will fill the gaps for what it doesn't do.

The same applies for smartphones however much of the data harvesting happens below the user level, so you may be blissfully unaware. If this does concern you then maybe using a paid for app from the mobile's market isn't such a bad idea.

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I tend to go with my gut feeling.

If it's not from a source I recognise or was waiting for then I won't entertain opening it.
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I was just coming on to mention this as we have had a few reports of this today.

I work for O2 but my comments and opinions posted here are solely my own and do not reflect those of Telefonica.

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Looks like o2 are flavour of the month then. It seems the number of attacks is on the increase. Digital world is great but it has its issues.
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My OH had one of these phishing emails yesterday but as she's not an O2 account holder was immediately suspicious. I've sent her the link to the blog but I suspect she's automatically deleted it.

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Had one today strangely enough having never received one previously from supposedly O2. Hope no one is taken in by it!

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I am getting to the point where i won't do anything via an email. If I want to access the company I will search out their website.
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Pioerdog123 said "I am getting to the point where i won't do anything via an email. If I want to access the company I will search out their website."

A wise procedure. slight_smile
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Hiya all, new here so just like to say hello to everyone first 🙂  


I got an email like this a little while ago and smelt a rat as my O2 billing email comes through the same time every month and adresses me personally, not just dear customer. So I did just delete it and thought nothing else of it, it is a shame I did not come here and check it out sooner, and report it, as the reason I am here now is because they tried again the cheeky sods LOL ... 


So I thought I would come here and see if it is a big problem, which it obviously is, and they are very crafty trying to give you the shock value with the amount, so that you don't really think about it and just click on the link angrily wanted to get hold of O2 and ring there necks lol 🙂


Well I do hope that not to many people have fallen for this and it is great that there is so much written about it and ways to spot and avoid it which will generally help the more vulnerable internet users, because lets face it we have loads of vulnerable internet users, mainly people who don't go online as a rule and only use it for online bills such as O2 and online banking. My parents being a prime example, they only use it because they feel they have to in this day and age and they are all CLUNK, CLICK, constant phone calls asking me how to do something, so they are the prime candidates to be caught out, (Just like the elderly with doorstep cons) and I can only imagine there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions just like my parents, so it is great to see so many people reporting it,and trying to do something about it.


O2 fraud deparment must have seen it all by now, but the thing is these people are getting more clever and sneaky and they are on top of there game as they are learning all the time, living off there ill gotten gains, we are effectivly paying for them to sit there an make there scams up 😞


Anyway rant over haha, not bad for my reply huh. (bet everyone is hoping this is a one off and dont want to see much more of me lol)


I will certainly start looking around these forums more now, as to be honest I have been with O2 13 months and never even knew this was here, the shame :-0

I tend to just see the email stating what my bill is and then wait two weeks for them to take it, so no need to actually log in normally lol..

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