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O2 Network Issues - 6th December 2018

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Good morning all, 


We are aware our customers are unable to use data this morning.


Our technical teams are working on the issue with high priority. We are really sorry and working as hard and as fast as we can to fix this.


Please keep an eye on our status checker: 


Latest Update:

Our 3G and 4G data services are performing as normal. Our technical teams are continuing to monitor service performance closely. We will be updating our customers later today on how we will make yesterday’s data service issue up to them and we’d once again like to thank our customers for their patience. 

A small proportion of customers have reported issues sending text messages. We can see that the vast majority are being sent and received successfully and our technical teams are investigating. Our 3G and 4G data services are performing as normal.

We are finalising how we make it up to our customers and will be contacting them later today about this. 

The Facebook mention around us giving out £75 compensation isn't correct and didn't come from us.

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@Shergar wrote:

@Mamillian wrote:
Hi all. After all the news coverage about this yesterday, are you all still blaming O2 for this?  It was not O2's issue and they have been working as hard as they can to fix this with Ericsson since it first occurred yesterday morning. Services are pretty much back to normal, but for those who are not, just report to customer service. 


Again, this is an user community forum, not customer service. There is no point only complaining here as nothing can be done by anybody on here.


Are you being wilfully obtuse? o2 are our service provider and they chose to work with Ericsson as part of their infrastructure. Ergo - o2's choice of infrastructure partner has directly caused this outage. 


Our contract is not with Ericsson. It is with o2. This isn't rocket science. It is elemantary consumer rights. It is unfathomable how people cannot see this. 


If people on this forum could stop feeling bizarrely partizan feelings for a heartless multinational conglomorate and stop patronising those who feel aggreived we'd all get along better. 

Exactly👏👏👏 getting fed up with the o2 fanboys making it up on the fly. The person obviously doesn’t understand consumer law....


I am not an O2 fanboy thank you very much. I like everyone else am annoyed this has happened, but it is what it is and I can't do anything about it.


I know what the rights are, I've read them over and over again the last 24 hours.


I am merely trying to point out to people that we know what's happened, it's been reported, it's being dealt with, and posting complaints and abusive comments on here is not going to help the situation.


These forums are usually a very nice place to be, but this incident seems to have attracted a lot of people who are only on here to complain and abuse the regular users of these forums who are merely trying to help or point things out.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but targetting individuals with insulting language is simply not acceptable.



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@Jo1 wrote:
@gshsome are up and running but even they are very slow, my husband is in a 4G area and only getting 3G I am still having problems with my signal, txts and data. Our contract is with o2 not Erricson I appreciate that o2 are doing all they can but obviously because our contract is with them then it is then we will complain to just as you would with any other service providers. O2 should be giving out compensation and getting it sorted then claim the amount of compensation back from Ericsson as that is who their contract is with...


Which I agree in part with though neither of us have seen the contract/SLA/penalties involved) but at what point do o2 decide to give out compensation at what relative amount? Should a PAYG customer get more than a contract paying £50 a month who have different use cases? (Same applies to other networks).


I suspect the Ericsson contract allows a specified time period for investigations and resolutions which in turn leads to the penalty to Ericcson to pay. The question is really on when and if compensation is going to happen. People are expecting it immediately which in reality is not going to happen before the end of the month. That has then got to be applied to the billing systems and doing it in bulk isn't going to be done by CS as it will need to be applied to the next billing cycle. 





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In Holland.. No Service

Can’t contact O2 no Service!!!

So what to do???
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@ghs I do in part agree, they are not going to be able to compensate everyone at the exact same time, that would probably bankrupt them & for people to exploit straight away is ridiculous.

I have 3 different devices with them & do agree that Ericsson is responsible and should be held as, but my contract is with o2 and although it is not directly their fault, that is the basis. They need to claim from Ericsson or have them give the compensation, I am the person who would prefer the account to be credited and understand that it will not be today.

However I do think business contracts should be made a priority as this has affected our income due to my husband’s loss of business, this would have affected many SE people.
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Absolutely agree that business contracts should take priority for any compensation.  Difficult one to work out however, and does depend on the type of business I guess.  There will be a case for all businesses that rely on the services, particularly those that lost out due to being unable to process card payments, uber drivers etc too.




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i would like to seek compensation, as i was not able to make calls, send texts or you use my data yesterday. 

Very unhappy customer.

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I'll accept 12months free contract as means of an apology
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@Warren86 wrote:
I'll accept 12months free contract as means of an apology

Best of luck with that @Warren86. I do love a trier though joy

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@pgn wrote:

Yes, that has been happening with me - a text sent to me is not leaving the sender's phone (network error) but is landing on my phone several times a minute.


Oh the joys of fixing an aging infrastructure... tired

And trying to switch to (roaming, and which I occasionally have to do at peak times or during bad weather) proved impossible yesterday as well (I work in an area that has coverage from both UK and Irish networks), no data connection of any sort (probably unsurprisingly).


One thing that did tee me off a bit is my work colleague on EE (UK) had no such problems, and whilst I could see these other UK networks, my phone was telling me that access to them was/is "forbidden". 


Surely roaming between carriers in the same geography should be made possible? 


I know as an O2 customer, when roaming outside of the UK, I am allowed to connect to any of the networks  (usually) in that country ( above, for example).


 - How's about it, @Chris_K - never likely to happen (ie, roaming from one UK carrier to another)? 


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Hope its worth all the hassles i had,i have 4 devices/contracts with u that were all literally useless
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