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Community Recap: June 2022

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Hey everyone!


I'm happy to bring you the community recap for June 🤗. Below, are some of the highlights I, @RafaC and @Martin-O2 found in the archive, but please feel free to reply with any you think I've missed and deserve to be shared!


Amazing Content Created by You


The Games 🎮


White Room Quiz Mon 27 June 2022 - inc 2000th question


A huge milestone was reached! Community members massively appreciate the efforts that @Mi-Amigo puts in, week in, week out. To show how far WRQ has come, it was first launched on 1 August 2019. This round saw over 44 replies, with 11 members taking part in the end.


Word Hunt Diamond - Game 114


A cricket game? A tennis match? A baseball one? No, my friends, believe it or not, it was a two-day WHD game! One of the longest (and most difficult) games we’ve seen so far but fun and challenging nonetheless.


The Laughs 😂


The Wednesday Laugh


Picked as the highlight of several excellent Wednesday Laughs we had last month, @Bambino once again brought gags and a light-hearted spirit to the community. 


The Discussions 🤔


02 Brixton Academy


After shining a spotlight on the package he’s received from O2, @J9el came to share with us a bit of the amazing night he had watching Beck at the O2 Brixton Academy. We’re very glad you enjoyed the gig and thanks for sharing it with us 😄.


Father's Day 2022


I started the Father’s Day topic on the community to tell the community about my plans to celebrate the date. I also asked what the community dads were up and it was heart-warming to read about how it was. 


The Events 📅


Happy 15th birthday to The O2!


To celebrate the iconic arena's 15th birthday, @Chris_K posted a very informative topic full of fun stats and curiosities about the venue. Did you know it has been visited by over 100 million people since it opened its doors in 2007? This and many other stats can be found on the link above 😎.


Summer Solstice - The Longest Day


Cleoriff came in to celebrate the longest day of the year on the community but that came with a kind warning: enjoy it whilst it lasts as from that date on, days will only get shorter ☀️.


Glastonbury Festival 2022


Arguably, the world’s best festival! Over 200,000 people headed to Somerset and camped on Worthy Farm for five days to see some of the best acts in the world.


The community discussed music, camping and more on this topic. Paul McCartney was the big highlight, though! Smashing his set and playing all of the classics for us to enjoy 🎸.


News, Updates and Announcements 🗞


What is New?


Love Island fan? We’ve got the gossip!


Chris_K revealed that O2 is the official network partner of Love Island this year. Bubl, brand mascot, can be spotted between segments of the show! Love Island themed prizes can be found on Priority too. And he made sure to shout out O2’s roaming in Europe 🏖.


Great looking back on June! Thank you for another great month.


Looking forward to seeing what July brings 😎☀️.

Community Manager for the O2 Community 🙂
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