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Sim on current phone disabled after doing upgrade

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I've just been hung up on by the O2 phone help service because apparently the phone lines are busy and will take beyond 8pm to get to me - nice.


My problem? Yesterday I chose to upgrade both my tariff and phone. Phone is not arriving until tuesday - and yet early hours of this morning the sim in my current phone has been disabled.


I've been out the house since this morning, with no opportunity to call O2 - and when I try after getting home, apart from the automated service thinking it can text me a code (duh, the sim doesn't work atm).


I've been all day without the use of my phone and cannot get someone to turn my existing sim back on until tomorrow morning because your lines close at 8pm?

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This is NOT customer services but a customer to customer forum, there is no o2 support on here..


Sounds like you have chosen the option whilst upgrading to get a new sim card, and what has happened to you is normal when requesting a new sim card (no on one here can tell you why they came up with this system although it is done to prevent sim swap fraud is what we can gather).. 


They have closed at 8pm for at least the last few years, so nothing new there..


Your only option really is on Monday pop to an o2 store with Photo ID and request a new sim.. 

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Yes yes yes, I know this is NOT customer services. Customer services, when calling about a sim not working, the auto-voice wants to verify who you are by sending you a code by text........


No didn't chose a new sim, but I will say apparently the new phone has an esim? Maybe they figured I wouldn't need to use my phone til the new one turned up 3 days later (bank holiday aint it) 

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