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Galaxy z fold 3 Faulty and not honouring warranty

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I wonder if anyone has had a similar issue and can offer some advice?


I have a Galaxy Z fold 3 and the standard internal screen cover coming off happened to the phone. It got so bad it was coming off completely. The outer screen then started playing up so I had paid for the 3 year warranty and so sent to be repaired. The phone has never been dropped however it did have a mark on the internal screen due to the cover peeling off (well know fault my sons also had this issue). Long story short, When I sent it back they told me it was not covered by warranty. I asked why and they said "we dont know" I then argued saying no one will accept this at least give me a reason. Nothing given and phone sent back to me. I then sent it again after speaking to the call centre team who told me if I try to stick back on the cover that came off they would definitely fix it. They then refused to fix it Quoting me £485 but again refusing to give a reason why. I raised as a complaint and for over 3 months have not even had so much as a phone call. I raised with the comms ombudsman who said its a financial ombudsman issue. Is it normal for people to be given no reason for a refusal under warranty or not so much as an email other that one to tell me my complaints still open and I can talk to the ombudsman if I want? Always been with EE and this is my first venture into O2 and its the worst experience I have ever had paying £70 a month for a phone thats in a box. 


Any advice greatly received as I feel completely helpless at the moment!





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You'd be best placed to speak to Samsung directly, but it is they who set the repairs criteria, so O2 will just be following their guidelines.

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