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Cant make or receive voice calls.

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For months, approximately twice a week, i cant make or recieve voice calls. There is no sound at my end but the other party can hear me. 

This is happening at different times and locations so its not related to coverage within my home. 

My mum, also on O2 has been having similar issues, yet my partner, on another network, doesn't.

When i check the coverage, it says there is an issue with the mast in my area. How long does it take to fix a mast??

Trying to work each day, but cant do a simple task like make a call! 

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It can take months to fix a mast as there are many variables such as landowner access, permission to dig up local roads, parts the list goes on.  and o2 will not give a time frame. 


Use the o2 My Network app to log the issues and get updates on issues. 

If you can use WiFi calling on the handset, and this should alleviate issues with calling. 

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