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Access Point Name and Internet Data issues

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Thinking of leaving O2 as I have had enough of this problem but thought I would chuck it out there in case someone had resolved a similar issue.

When out and about and not on Wi-Fi I will very often display a strong signal (either full 5g or 4g) but when I try to access Internet I have no connection.

This has been a problem for nearly 3 years since switching back to O2 and the same on 2 devices (I actually upgraded early as I thought the problem was a Motorola hardware issue).  

This is not "no data" - the internet often works right but its most pronounced when at a busy event or in a city centre (Manchester is a prime culprit for example).

Following a different thread I have noticed that under Access Point Name - was not selected but there are no alternatives...  I understand that if there is NO APN the internet will simply not work so I assume if there is only 1 listed it will be the default anyway...  

Any ideas before I leave for a better network?

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This is a device issue, and not a network issue.


You need to make sure the APN is the default for the o2 sim, as otherwise it will try to connect to nothing basically...


Have you tried to reset the network settings on the device (which phone is it?) or obtained a new sim card at all to see if one of the updated sims can give the phone a kick..


As on my Sony 1V and Pixel 8 Pro the o2 APN is assigned and is ticked and I don't have any other options and nor do the phones have anything to tick..


Guide: Is the network down for me or everyone? 

Guide: How can I sort out my network issues? 

If you are looking at switching networks then get some pay as you go sims and test coverage in Manchester, as I know some struggle in the centre and at the Trafford Centre, when there are events on, so not limited to o2.. 

IF you want to cancel then check this link Guide: Cancelling Your Contract 



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Very definitely an over subscribed network issue.

O2's network is at full stretch with insufficient investment.

If you search various inner city postcodes or heavily populated areas O2 Service Status you will get "our network can get busy in this area" and is common all over the country.

Avoid O2 if you need data in busy areas and go with EE or Three who concentrate on data rather than speech.

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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