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FAQs: Pay Monthly

Hi all, welcome to the Pay Monthly board! If you are on a Pay Monthly contract or are thinking of getting one and have related questions, this is the place you can post your question to and get replies from other customers. Please remember: if your q...

Marjo by Former Staff
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Resolved! Bill

I’ve paid my bill but my phone won’t even let me ring o2 and it’s still not put my calls or data back on

Chlsprkr2 by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Txt shows a different number

Hello not sure if right place to postI send a txt to better half and its its showing a different number on her phone ie she doesn't know its from meAny ideas?Many thanks

Alfredo by Level 1: Joiner
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Data roaming on a cruise ship

Morning - Any experience of this.My son is due to go an a cruise ship on Saturday with his mobile phone. Not sure how this sits with the roaming use. Ive heard that if he as at sea then his mobile will try to connect to ships own satellite antenna an...

cbradle5 by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! New phone (S20FE) not making or receiving calls

My new pay monthly will not allow me to make or receive calls, I turned it on and off and it rejoined the network then stopped again, tried to reboot again but didn't work this time. What do I do?

Nicholt by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Imei

Phone is lost. How do I get handset blocked using IMEI number?

Ben21 by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Help

Please help! I receive maybe 2 texts per month saying I have used up all my data, but when I log into the o2 app I still have loads left (50+ GB)Is there any way to solve this?

JC7 by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Returns labels for a repaif

I need to return my handset for a repair. I cannot seem to get to the page where I give details and get labels and packaging sent out......I just keep going around in circles.Can anyone give me the direct link to the appropriate pageMany thanks

Resolved! Text I received about upgrade. but order went through

So I called today. and got the voice mail system I received a text. about an upgrade and the text reads (YOUR ACCOUNT IS NOT ELIGABLE FOR A STANDARD UPGRADE). However my Upgrade to 02 refresh went through fine. as the person on 02 told me the phone i...

New sim

Activated my husbands sim on my phone now my phone has no signal

Mia83 by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Esim contract for Samsung active 2 watch

I am thinking of buying a second hand Samsung active 2 watch then buying an esim contract with 02 for it monthly as I'm already an existing 02 customer and want to connect the watch to my phone so I don't have to take my phone everywhere but still re...

Claire598 by Level 1: Joiner
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