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FAQs: Pay Monthly

Hi all, welcome to the Pay Monthly board! If you are on a Pay Monthly contract or are thinking of getting one and have related questions, this is the place you can post your question to and get replies from other customers. Please remember: if your q...

Marjo by Former Staff
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Refurbish iPhone

I just joined pay monthly yesterday and with my budget it was suggested I have a refurbish grade A iPhone 6 I was advised that these were phones people return within the 14 days cooling of period after changing there mind and as good as new and hardl...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Contract

If you have minutes, data left over on your contract do they get rolled over? Or do you loose them, ty Tracy

Tracy65 by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! big bundles changing again?

I had a text saying big bundles is changing again and the £30 with have 20gb of data from 18 july, Any one know if this is correct are they changing again as they have only just changed?,

la7 by Level 4: Observant
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£7600 bill from 02 businesses

In past 5 or 6 years together with my lady have 2 acounts in 02. One ordinary and one business. On businesses ac we got 2 mob numbers linked together. Second business number is used ocasionally when needed.Every single minute or data been always take...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Help?

So basically, I have a pay monthly package but it is not working for me because my data usually runs out in the first week but I usually use only about 5 percent of my call time, so is there a package in which I can reduce call time, but have more da...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Charged with sim only

o2 sadly lacking in truth department just found out when i changed to sim only o2 to o2 is now charged pity they forgot to me before hand now to late big bill.hae left them after 9yrs

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! claim my rewards

How do I claim my rewards  dont want to save it

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! So, To Clarify...

Just put a top-up on my PayG o2 sim and, long story short, I messed up on my part and don't have the bundle. That's not important though, my question is:If I were to put a data bolt-on on my phone, would it use that data before charging me the £1 dat...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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