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automatic top ups

I've had 3 payments deducted from my debit card for automatic top ups for a pay and go service since ceasing the service in November 2016.  I was only in the UK for 2 weeks in November last year, I used my old O2 SIM, then replaced it with my Australian one [Not O2] as soon as I returned to Australia. My UK SIM card has most definitely not been used since about 21st November.

My bank statement shows 3 payments of 10 pounds each in December 2016 and January 2017, the most recent ones were the 10th and 11th January. It shows the following information about the deduction-

Retailer Location:


Can someone from O2 help me with this? I need to stop these deductions and recover the amount that I haven't used. Thanks, Sara

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Re: automatic top ups

It may possibly be that you set up auto-topup but you should be able to cancel in My O2


If not then you need to contact customer service and ask for a refund.

I doubt very much that it is anything fraudulent as it's your own number that has been topped up for £10/time and not someone else's for £30 or more.



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Re: automatic top ups

You could also try talking to your bank about the charges.
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