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Has anyone had any experience with getting a better upgrade than what is offered to you online?
I’m really not liking these 36 month contacts as I took one out but I’ve had problems with the life of the phone during the last 12 months of the contract. I know you can change it but the prices shoot up! I’ve been with O2 for many years but feel there’s no proper rewards or incentive to continue to stay and as much as I don’t want to leave, other providers seem to have better offers
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Re: Upgrading


Call 202 and choose upgrades.

Tell then you are thinking of leaving and see what deal they offer you.

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Re: Upgrading

@Helzbelz1983 Your choice shouldn't be guided by cost alone. Much more important is the strength of the signal you get in the places you frequent the most. No point in having a great deal on a phone if you can't use it because you get bad reception. If you're considering leaving, get Pay & Go sim cards from the other networks and try them out before you make a decision to switch.