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Upgraded in-store today - new phone says 'No SIM'

Hi all, (first post here! grin)


I was just wondering if anyone could possibly help out. I tried o2 live chat but that unfortunately was not any help.


I upgraded in-store today from an iphone 4 to a 7. Silly me forgot to ask about the set up process although I assumed there wasn't really that much to do as the sales agent didnt mention anything specific just told me how to back up on icloud.


I got home, turned my new phone on and did the icloud backup. All my things are now on my new phone, apps, contacts etc. The only problem is I still have no carrier on my new phone; it says No SIM at the top of the screen where it would usually say 02.


Basically, the question I wanted to ask is; Is the transfer of your carrier an automatic process (think I have seen mentioned somewhere it can take up to 24hrs) or do I need to do the swap my sim option that I have heard about? I didnt get a SIM card with this phone, only thing in the box was charger and headphones - so I wouldnt be able to find out the SIM number, etc.


Thank you for any advice you can give Smiley Happy

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Re: Upgraded in-store today - new phone says 'No SIM'

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@RougeFox Do you have the sim card from your old phone? If it's the same size, just put it in the new phone. If it isn't you'll need to get a new sim and do a swap. Easiest way to do this is to go back into the store tomorrow and they'll do it for you.

Edit: Make sure you bring ID.


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Re: Upgraded in-store today - new phone says 'No SIM'

@RougeFox There should have been a sim swap as the iPhone 7 takes a nano sim. There should be a new nano sim in the phone? The swap usually takes up to 24 hours but is usually done before you leave the shop. I’d call customer service or go back to the shop where you upgraded 



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Re: Upgraded in-store today - new phone says 'No SIM'

Hi @RougeFox, I was wondering if you got a chance to try out either of the above suggestions yet? How are you getting on with your new phone? It'd be fantastic if you could keep us in the loop of your progress, so we can give you more advice if needed smiling

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Re: Upgraded in-store today - new phone says 'No SIM'



Thank you, I have managed to get it sorted. I rang the o2 customer service and they advised me to transfer the sim card from my old phone into my new phone, which made me feel a bit silly for not realising that before! It had been a while since I upgraded so I just assumed that the SIM card would come already in the phone and it would just transfer automatically Horrified


I know better now! And thank you for everyone's replies and help smiling