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Upgrade - sim card not provisioned 2

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I received my upgrade on Friday, an SE Xperia Arc S, but when I insert the new sim card which arrived with it I get an error message "sim card not provisioned 2".
I've tried switching off, removing and reinserting sim, and rebooting a few times over the weekend but still get the same error message.
I've tried inserting the sim card into my old phone, an SE W995, and it doesn't work in it either.
Does the sim card just need to be activated or does it sound like its faulty?
Thanks in advance for any light you can shed!
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Sounds like you have a blank or faulty sim card and only O2 can provision it with the necessary data. You will need to call customer service.
Were you not on contract before? If you were, your old sim should work ok in the new phone. If not or you have not got the old sim then you will have to call O2.

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Thanks for replying.
My old card works OK in the new phone but it's 4 or 5 years old now so I thought I'd start using the new one before the old one packs in!
I guess I'll just stick to using the old card for now rather than face calling customer services. wink
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Have you simply upgraded from one pay monthly contract to a new one?
It's not a difficult task for a customer services rep to switch you over to the new SIM if that's the case. Actually, as a former CSA, swapping SIMs was normally a wonderful call - so simple. Customer gives you the SIM serial number as printed on your new card, we enter into our computer, we all wait about an hour or so, and all is well.
But you can't have more than one SIM associated with your mobile phone number, so as long as your old SIM works, your new SIM won't work.
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I'd like to echo the previous post, I was exactly the same with regard to sim swaps, easiest call it is possible to get, it can sometimes happen so quickly that you are better off calling from a different phone if you can so the call doesn't get cut off when the old sim goes dead.
The reason you would have been sent a new sim with your phone is because the old one may not be fully compatible with your new phone due to the march of technology and may lead to problems later on. It is worth doing. Just be sure to have the sim serial number to give to the agent, it begins 8944 and they will need the number up to the point it says 3G.
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Usually it's because the SIM number's not active, it can be because different parts of the network aren't updating each other so have conflicting information. It was called a SOG error previously and if it happens it's so rare that most customer service advisers don't know about it.
You'll still have to go down the route of new SIM, SIM in different phone, possibly even disconnection then reconnection so hopefully it is just a simple SIM swap.
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