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Re: USA Roaming

Unfortunately the "speed" you get in the USA has always been, and probably will continue to be, appalling on o2.
Advice on here has been to get either a PAYG with Three or Vodafone, or a local SIM when you get there if you need data.
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Re: USA Roaming

I have been having exactly the same problems in Florida the past 2 weeks . Very disappointed as I have only recently joined O2, but out of the cooling off period now. I specifically mentioned to the advisor in the O2 shop that I needed USA roaming but didn’t expect speeds to be so unusable. Webpages not loading at all, email attachments not opening. It’s absolutely useless.... I contacted O2 guru several times whilst being here but it’s pointless as O2 obviously throttle as previous posts have indicated. Please do not think it will work as it really doesn’t. My husband is on EE and his phone has been absolutely fine, very fast speeds and it has been our only way to get online apart from finding WiFi. Very unhappy as I naively believed O2 had improved in the US. I will complain to O2 when I return home (probably to no avail) as I switched my teen kids’ phone contracts to O2 as well so all 3 of us have been unable to use our data allowance here in the US for the past 2 weeks. I’m not sure how O2 can sell their Travel Inclusive service as ‘including USA’ and to suggest you can use your data allowance when it doesn’t work.
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Re: USA Roaming


So many similar stories to yours regarding roaming in the US. It seems EE or Three are the best networks to be on.

The only other thing we suggest is purchase of a local sim, either AT&T or T Mobile....but that seems such a palaver when you can see other UK phones working perfectly.

If you wish to complain when you get home then follow this route https://www.o2.co.uk/how-to-complain

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Re: USA Roaming

I would definitely make a complaint but O2 seem to think it's acceptable to throttle data in the US. Come on O2, it's 2019 and ridiculous that you are stuck in the 1980s!