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Hi All, 


I'm having major problems and have been for over a week now, O2 are not helping at all.


Monday 12th - I opened a new contract 
Tuesday 13th - I received the mobile and went on O2 chat and asked for my number to be switched.
Tuesday 13th - This night around 9pm the service went off on both of my mobiles.
Thursday 15th - I went back onto O2 chat and asked if the switch had been completed (I still had no service on both phones). I was then told by Live Chat that the switch had been incorrect and the advisor had switched my temp number to the old contract and cancelled my new contract.
Friday 16th - I called O2 and asked for the problem to be rectified, I was told the cancelled contract could not be reinstated and it was a mistake on O2 side and that I needed to go into store to discuss further. I went in to the store and they couldn't help me as my number ending 726 (which i wanted to keep) was not showing on their system no more and could not get access to it. The only number showing was the temp number that had been switched to my old contract.
What am I meant to do? I have emailed complaintreviewservice and have not had a response to date. I go on holiday for 2 weeks next week and I have been left in the dark by O2.
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Can you help please?

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I hope not, I've had the same number for over 10 years so if it is lost I will be upset and angry to say the least!

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Thanks for the mention @MI5 thumbsup


@carlcrossman I'm really sorry to hear things haven't gone quite right with your new contract! Since you've raised the complaint already it's possible our gurus won't be able to do too much, but as I understand it's really urgent I'd gladly check though - I'll send you a Private Message shortly to get a few more details. Smiley Happy

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