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Staff Friends and Family Discount - SIM Only

Hi there,


I want to take out a SIM only monthly contract.  I'm looking at the 100GB unlimited deal you have for £20 per month.


I have a freind who works at O2 - is it still possible to have the staff friends and family discount applied to the SIM only monthly payment ad if so how much is this?


I've read different things like F&F discount only applies to a refresh contract OR that it only applies to monthly contract (uncluding SIM only) that are not online promotions.


Any help much appreciated.

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Re: Staff Friends and Family Discount - SIM Only

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Hi @partybish 

Yes you are able to have the discount on a sim only plan (provided you have no other discounts applied)

Your friend who works for O2 would have to apply for the F&F discount on your behalf

All info in this guide.

Guide: O2 Open & Friends and Family discounts - How to sign up 

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