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Serious problem with 02 and there code of conduct

I contacted O2 in mid April and explicitly said that I wanted to cancel an 02
contract on a galaxy s3 tablet which I had intitially ordered, because it was out of stock and they didn't know
when it would arrive ( I was waiting 2 weeks before i cancelled) so I assumed it had been executed.


So a few days later after I cancelled the existing order/contract (which was out of stock still and asked if my order had definalty been cancelled which they said it had !!! , So that twice it was confirmed as cancelled )

So I decided to order the iPad pro which was or seemed like a good choice  (i asked if there was a update on availability on the s3, they still had no update ). so continued my order with the iPad. However, after receiving the iPad pro, a week later the samsung S3 tablet turned up a week later which i cancelled weeks prior .

I contacted 02 immediatlely to find out why they sent me the tablet, when i had cancelled weeks prior to this , they said it was a mistake and to send it back , which i did do immediately, with proof of postage and tracking which they received ,which according to the cancellation process 14 days coolling off period (But still was piuzzled to why I still received when i cancelled and it was confirmed by 2 members of staff ( 1st lie ) , but weeks later on my bank account I noticed what looks like a charge for a monthly tariff on a tablet i had returned and they had received!!!


I called 02 to ask why i was charged for something that i no longer have and cancelled on numerous occasions , they said they would refund within 10 days and remove it from my account and apologised for the inconvenience caused ,well after 10 days money was still not in my account and the contract had not been removed for the S3 ,So again I called 02  to complain and what  happened , according to the 02 team member they had no recollection of any conversion taken place nor was there any notes on the system  (i was called a liar basically 3RD time) so the lady who took the call PROMISED ME it would
get resolved this time and all would get sorted ASAP within 10 days and was offered a gesture of good will also, 10 days later still no change and no good will and no refund , the tablet i cancelled was still on my account  ,  At this point my head is about to blow so i called again to
complain again and asked to be put through to a manager  straight away, which one answered again, i was promised all would be resolved ( though the manager did say yet again there
was no trail of anything agreed or to be sorted and then continued to tell me the
tablet had not been received ( but i soon put that to rest when i emailed proof of
the tracking receipt and confirmation the had received it ), you think O2 might
RECORD the relevant conversations ,but it seems like they spend more time
claiming consumers are lying then to sort problems out. I did explain because of the previous several times I had contacted 02 i would be recording the conversation for my own protection due to the incompetence of the people i dealt with previously by this time I had lost all faith in 02 because of the lack of conduct and explained they were in breach of contract , as the had fraudelnt took money from by account without my consent even though I had cancelled weeks previously .


So after a long winded conversation with the manager we came to a resolve and also received email confirmation from the manager, with what would happen. So i was promised a full refund and a good will gesture of £190  from the manager 


So 14 days later i see the tablet as been cancelled which looked promising  but the refund as still not happened and not in my account , so this as now been going on for nearly 3 months , So again I spoke to 02 to a lady in the complaint department explained how *bleep* off i was with the company and the chain of command and how incompetent my problem had been , THIS IS THE BEST BIT, the lady i spoke to try to defend what had happened i tried to call me a lair also even though I had verbal proof and also email proof , to what was ageed by the so called paper manager ,so I said i have never known a company succeed on lies , even though she came up with a resolve, which the reolve means mne waiting another 30 days to claim what is righlfully mine. I said i feel disgusted that i have been lied to by everyone that i spoke to though i can provide evidence to what was agreed. she told me that recording with prior consent is illegal, I also reminded her that brach of contract and still taking money that is unauthorised is illegal, when my order was cancelled from the beginning my details should of been removed yet they continued to use them to benefit them selfes

I find this unacceptable behavior from your whole team and the fact you was in breach of contract makes this problem even worse and i am made to call over and over to resolve an issue that was your problem nand repeatedly made out to be a lair. DONT 02 KEEP A LONG OF THERE CALLS THOUGHT IT WAS STANDARD PRACTISE .

This has caused great stress to me this morning and as an 02 customer of six
years who takes numerous contracts out at once I feel let down by your whole team who
have failed me as a loyal customer . But I hope it all can be resolved in a
reasonable manner. I have tried to resolve the issue but talking to your 02 team
including your managers about my concerns seem to fall on deaf ears , and after
3 months chasing what could of been resolved straight away as just brought me to
breaking point . 02 have just lost a good customer next month i will be reolving my accounts completely and moving over to another provider . 


Never have I had to deal with such a farce to get my own money back which shouldnt have been taken in the first place


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Re: Serious problem with 02 and there code of conduct

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Re: Serious problem with 02 and there code of conduct

Email the ceo directly. Do not bother with complaints just send this post in an email direct.
Google for the email address of Mark Evans as we aren’t allowed to give it on here.
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Re: Serious problem with 02 and there code of conduct

Certainly a complaint or an email to the CEO is in order....

However, I wonder if there is any way @Martin-O2 or @EmilieT could help @complaints to get the matter resolved more quickly?

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Re: Serious problem with 02 and there code of conduct

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Hi @complaints, I'm sorry it hear you've been through so much with no reoslution so far. I'm not sure how much we can do but I'll send you a Private Message on the forum now, to get some more details and get this looked into for you!


Thanks @Cleoriff for the mention slight smile

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Re: Serious problem with 02 and there code of conduct

I can understand what your saying,and I would be very frustrated if it was me.From my experience what I have found is some of the people you have spoken to don't bother logging the information or chasing it up to get it resolved.Ive had my share but naturally it was different circumstances and issues.But I have to say there is some people I've spoken to and they done everything to help me.Kept me updated,contacted me to let me know what was happening.Those people made you speak highly of o2.

But when you have serious issues that are hard to resolve,pop a question on this,you will get a lot of helpful information and guidance how to move forward.

Or email the complaints team,they are very helpful.

I've been with o2 for years,had my fair share of ups and downs but there's a lot of good people that work for them.

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Re: Serious problem with 02 and there code of conduct

After my initial complaint in regards to 02 company , Well it seems after the 3rd promise of my refund of a unauthorised payment as well a gesture of goodwill , still not been addressed/ delivered as promised ,and the so called follow up call which was meant to be made today not received . It looks like I have no choice but to seek legal advice seeing as I’m owed £50 after 3 long months and numerous phone calls to 02. I will also pitch my complaint to BBC watchdog see if they can help , I see that numerous other people have had the same problem . After been a loyal customer for several years I can honestly say I will never be doing business again with a company that can’t follow there own code of conduct. Especially cancellations , I have numerous recording for my own protection of the conversions after a couple of conversions with team member from your 02 claimed no conversations took place even though they are meant to log calls .