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Scam call

Hello so I got a scam call of someone trying to tell me that after checking my pay I had missed played tax, after working out this was a scam call, I hung up, however I've been charged £77 for the ringing me. Am I able to get this money back. Thank you
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Re: Scam call

You'll have to call O2 to ask https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Other-Products-and-Services/Coronavirus-Covid-19-Community-Help-and-Su...
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Re: Scam call

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Re: Scam call

Yes definitely, @jonsie.  If I don't recognise the caller, I don't answer. If it's a call I should take because it's important, they'll leave a voice mail.


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Re: Scam call

There are some terrible scum out there who will take advantage of this awful situation.

HMRC have put put a warning about it here


Although this relates to texts and emails, they are obviously going for calls now!!

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Re: Scam call

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But very annoying where a medical practice calls you from a "Number withheld" line - hospital switchboards too are often programmed this way. 


The NHS telecoms contracts admins should make this fix a priority, at least to transmit a base CLI that matches the main hospital number or a centralised number.


GP practices should tell their telecoms provider the same thing. 


Withholding a number is not the best way to mask the direct extension number of individual GP's or Practice Nurse's desk phone details. 

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