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Replacement Handset??

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I am the account holder for an o2 mobile phone that I give to my daughter. Unfortunately she was the victim of a horrible crime and the device has been taken by the police as part of the ongoing investigation. It could be sometime that it could be retrieved. 


I contacted o2 on the phone to ask if there was any way possible for a replacement handset to be provided as insurances do not provide cover in these circumstances and the police informed me that some phone companies do provide replacement handsets in such cases. This request was declined but I was provided a replacement SIM.


I've since tried emailing and to pleed to o2's better nature in this extreme circumstance and see if there was any way a replacement handset could be saught. I'm only 9 months in to a 2 year contract and the phone will be now out of our possession for up to 2 years for the police to fully investigate. I keep getting bouce backs from both email addresses.


I then opted for a chat online and was advised to contact the police who would contact the o2 police liason service but this appears to be only in the event of a fraud case.


I'm at a bit of a lost cause of where to go next as there appears to be no processes for such an event and given it is an extreme circumstance I think it only fair that a victim of a crime be supported fully.


My next option was to write in to o2 and see where that gets me. Does any one have any ideas or alternative suggestions?


The device in question was an iphone XR but I'm not particularly after a like for like replacement. Just some sort of an adequate replacement for a teenage girl who is going through a very tough time at the moment. 

The alternative is that I pay for a replacement handset which I would accept, however the handset has not been lost, stolen or damaged. It comes under completely different set of circumstances that should be adequately accounted for, instead of punishing someone further.
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@sc0rp10n101 I will tag our admin team to see if they can offer some help. @Martin-O2@Marjo@EmilieT Any assistance here? 

Edit: We aren't permitted to give it out, but you can Google the email address of O2's CEO and contact him directly. That might get you the desired result.


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I can't help but I hope your daughter is ok.


All the best.

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Hi @sc0rp10n101, and sorry to hear your daughter is going through this pensive


I can't promise a specific outcome, but I'd love to try and help. I'll send you a Private message now to get a few more details first, and then I'll get someone on my end to look into what we could do to help further!


Thanks for the mention @Bambino and @jonsie, and apologies for not seeing this one earlier this morning slight_smile

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