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Remove My family bolt on

Hi all,


I have a my family bolt on which I currently pay £7.65 a month for, I have had this bolt on since June 2011.  At the time other family members were on pay as you go so it made sense. Now they are all on contracts.


Has anyone else had an issue removing it? I have tried to do it online and keep getting stuck in a loop. Tried via live chat and failed.  They have suggested ringing next, but working for the NHS you can guarantee that when I get through, I will have to leave the call and when I have finished for the day there will be no one to take my call.


Just wondering if you have any suggestions>




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Re: Remove My family bolt on

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Re: Remove My family bolt on

@Jazzydd You need to try to call, as @jonsie has suggested. That time of day usually avoids long waits on hold. Don't rely on Live Chat.


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Re: Remove My family bolt on

Hi @Jazzydd, did you get a chance to call Customer Service this morning or are you still having trouble removing this bolt-on? 

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Re: Remove My family bolt on

i was working this morning (NHS staff) and can't have my phone on me and regularly have have breaks interupted. So I haven't had the chance.  

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Re: Remove My family bolt on

Hi I am having the same problem, online I can click on Remove bolt on but it just reloads the same screen, chat won't load at all and when I call customer services I just get stuck in an automatic voice loop which only offers more bolt ons and no way of removing existing ones. Is there a number you can call to talk to a real person? I called 4445

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Re: Remove My family bolt on


4445 is the number for PAYG customer services. It's 202 for contract customers

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