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Proof of usage

So I only just discovered recently I’ve been paying for geek squad insurance I took out with Carphone Warehouse some while back now. It’s for an iPhone 6, and I’ve upgraded a couple times since- on XS Max by this point! So obviously I called them up to cancel it- and they also offered a refund but shortly realised it wouldn’t be possible as when I upgraded I ordered a new sim with a new number (doh). I ended up either using my old sim or switching they new sim to my old number, can’t remember, either way I haven’t been using the phone I’ve been paying to insure for years. Carphone Warehouse told me to call o2, get proof of usage to show I upgraded/switched back sims/numbers and haven’t been using that phone, then send it over to them and they’ll be able to refund. I spoke with o2 yesterday afternoon and was told the proof of usage request had been put in, and will be emailed to me in the next 24 hours. It’s been over 24 hours now, so essentially my question is can it take longer than 24 hours? Or do I need to call up and request it again? TIA
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Re: Proof of usage

@TextCharges Call again to chase it up.

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Re: Proof of usage

@TextCharges You won't be able to call until tomorrow but it may be that the weekend is holding things up.


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Re: Proof of usage

Hey @TextCharges, I hope this gets sorted soon but it'd be great if you could let us know how you get on. It could help other members who might be in a similar situation at some point as well! slight smile

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