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Re: Phone call ‭0330 303 5317‬

It's just an auto dial so as advised by @Cleoriff simply block it. I had a couple of these calls last month.

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Re: Phone call ‭0330 303 5317‬

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Did not know up to know who it was now i know it has been blocked 


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Re: Phone call ‭0330 303 5317‬

Just received a similar call from the same number. They appeared to have my address, and apparently seem to know when I first joined O2 as a customer and they were rewarding me as a long term customer. I’m unclear how they had that information.

The rewards, apparently were discounted products from the O2 store, that I “couldn’t get anywhere else”.

When asked if they could send something by email, they said they couldn’t because they were an “outbound service”.

To try and prove they were legit, they sent me a text with a 6 digit security code. The message appeared to be from ‘O2 UK’, but when I checked other messages I’ve received from O2, they list as ‘O2UK’ (no space).

Fully comfortable that this was a scam. But @O2, it’s worth knowing the level of information they appear to have on your customers.
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Re: Phone call ‭0330 303 5317‬


They are "trusted partners" tha O2 share your info with so they will have all your details.

You can change thses marketing preferences in your MyO2.

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