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Pay as you go rewards to Sim only contract

I used to be on pay as you go and saved £17 in O2 rewards, when I started on a sim only contract they say they would transfer the money to pay for 2 months and a bit of my contract, it never happened and I’ve been told it’ll go through on the 2nd payments then I was told the 4th when that never happened then the 6th when that didn’t happen this is the 6th payment due on the 28th- has anyone else done the same thing and how long did it take for the payments to start going through because I’m fed up of being told different things and need to decide whether to go to O2 and complain, cheers!
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Re: Pay as you go rewards to Sim only contract

Hi @M15

Sorry but you need to persevere with customer services. They are the only people who can do this for you.

If you wish to complain as you state then the link is here


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Re: Pay as you go rewards to Sim only contract

Hi @M15, did you make any progress with this since you last posted? I'd gladly check with our gurus if this is something they could help you with, if needed, so please do let us know how you're getting on slight smile


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