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Ordering a replacement SIM

I was getting a new PAYG mobile and it takes a different sized SIM, a nano, so thought I would order a replaced for my fixed full sized SIM. Did this on-line and my details were taken - no SIM arrived Smiley Sad


Now got the mobile, so tried again using 'live chat'. They took my details - no SIM arrived Smiley Sad(


I went into an O2 store. Sorry we've run out of PAYG SIM's, go to another store (miles away) or order on-line - grrrr Smiley Sad((


I was forced to get a SIM from another provider, as I was going on holiday, as I live out in the sticks and my closest town doesn't have an O2 store.


Even today I tried to use live chat but all agents are busy, try later Smiley Sad


Why is it I could easily get a SIM from another provider but O2 has so much difficulty?

Can I get a refund on my PAYG balance, as O2 doesn't want to give me a replacement SIM?



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Re: Ordering a replacement SIM

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Payg balances are non refundable

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Re: Ordering a replacement SIM

Did you order one from here https://www.o2.co.uk/freesim/
When it arrives, do a sim swap here to transfer your details across
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Re: Ordering a replacement SIM

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