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O2 open, co operate discount issue

I've recently upgraded my phone contract, I was previously on a discount, but when upgraded my discount came off. Now I am trying to re apply the discount and it's giving me problems. I work for BAE systems, I logged on to o2 open and filled in the details to get a o2 discount code, which I receive via a text. When I try typing the code in which is nine characters long, I can only type in 5 characters.
Apparently the system has changed now so I can't go to an o2 store either to get this discount applied. I am paying way too much if I don't receive a discount and sort feeling conned, not happy at all. Can anyone help me on this matter? Thanks
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Re: O2 open, co operate discount issue

You can now go in store with your code and ID or text your code to O2.
Details on link http://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Other-Products-Services/O2-Open-and-Friends-and-Family-Discount-Schemes...
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Re: O2 open, co operate discount issue

I also get a nine digit code BAS****** but it tells you to show instore. The text method is still working as far as I know.