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No Data in Busy Areas

For a while now, in busy areas (especially weekends) I have a full 4G signal but can’t use data and I’ve put this down to the amount of people all using the same bandwidth but now I’ve got to the point where I’ve designed myself to the fact that my “Smart Phone” is just a phone in these places.

I’ve reported this several times to O2 and I’m sick of the same answer that they aren’t aware of any issues in the area but they are working on increasing reception.

My contract which I’ve had with O2 for over 16 years comes to an end in November and I’m seriously considering going to another network provider but In a recently visited O2 shop they insist all other providers have the same issue.

So my question to you guys is:

Are you struggling with the same issue and what do you do to combat the no data.

Anyone with other experiences with other network provers?

Sorry for the long winded post.

All the Best

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Re: No Data in Busy Areas

Yes, it's common in many places.
I sometimes find that switching to 3g helps.
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Re: No Data in Busy Areas



As you've found, signal strength doesn't mean anything really (though hight attenuation which is really what is being measured)leads to slow throughput because of the need to retransmit corrupted data frames) as even if you have clear line of sight to a cell it can be heavily loaded either on the radio (air interface) or the traffic might be exceeding the capacity of the backhaul which, in built up areas is likely to be a fibre leased line of varying capacity or possibly more than one aggregated to form a 'trunk' (microwave tends to be used where there is line of sight between network elements).


Operators will invest where they know what they are likely to make from the traffic will exceed the rent, power and leased line costs or where they know ofcom and others run tests such as motorways, motorway services, business parks and yes built up areas but there are only so many transmitters that you can put up in an area (or for which planning will be given) so all of the operators do struggle with this issue as when it comes down to it they are all deploying the same technology.

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Re: No Data in Busy Areas

Thanks for the replies although the tech speak on the last one gave me a nose bleed but I understand what you were saying (I think😉)

I’m going to give the “use 3G” at the weekend to see if that helps as it’s one thing I’ve never even thought of trying.

Thanks again for the responses and have a great weekend.
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Re: No Data in Busy Areas

A good way to think of this is traffic on a road.
A 4G connection is a motorway: can offer good speed, but can slow down if there are too many people on it.
A 3G connection is a A road: it might not be as fast as a motorway in theory, but as more people use motorways and there is less traffic on them it might be possible to get there quicker!

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Re: No Data in Busy Areas


Still giggling at the 'nose bleed comment'. joy

@gmarkj  did give an excellent analogy though wink

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