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New phone & new SIM

Hi all.  I have an old Samsung iii mini phone and have upgraded to a Samsung A20e.  I have put the new SIM card into my new phone but want to keep my old number, contacts, pictures etc.  It says to text SWAP - but from which phone??  I tried from the new one but it failed to send the message and I tried on my old phone and it asked for serial number of new SIM but I don't know if this is right?  No messages are coming in on my new phone.  I have managed to link up my email account but just not my contacts or anything else.  It is not clear on the help page.  I have tried to do it on MyO2 but it says they will send a 6 digit number to my phone to confirm it's me - but that isn't coming through to either phone!!  Any ideas or help will be appreciated. Many thanks, Tracey

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Re: New phone & new SIM

Hi @Tracey72 

You swap from your old sim.

Guide: Sim Swap: a mini guide 2017 update 

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Re: New phone & new SIM

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Re: New phone & new SIM

Hey @Tracey72 did you manage to sort this out or do you need more assistance?

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