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Mobile broadband

Can I use my mobile broadband unit abroad?
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Re: Mobile broadband

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If it's with O2 then sadly no @Toptead

If it's unlocked you may want to try a local sim as I used to do (or even a 3 PAYG sim which you would need to activate for roaming before travel).

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Re: Mobile broadband

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I have been trying for months with a tablet Samsung Tab S4 on Pay Monthly and Travel bolt on. From experiences:


  • I wish the O2 shop were honest when they sold me Mobile broadband. They said it was the same data plan as for the Note9. Later, O2 Support said their tablets are not destined for use abroad!!!


  • Bizarrely then, Mobile broadband works very well in Switzerland.


  • Mobile Broadband does not work in North America/Caribbean, except on some days for a split-second only, just enough time to charge you the day rate for the travel bolt on! It will not work then until O2 can re-charge you on an other random day.


  • But if you put in a O2 Pay Monthly SIM card from a smartphone, e.g. Samsung Note9 (the SIM card one expects to get when buying a tablet !!!) then data roaming works.