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Is the upgrade really “on us”

Right this is a long one. Firstly, hello all. Now, a little over 12 months ago I upgraded to the iPhone 7 Plus 128gb to the upgrade on us tariff. Now at the time I paid extra upfront for the larger memory. On completion of the deal I asked if the “on us” bit was exactly that? Ie would I have to pay upfront again? No! They said. Was that a lie? To get me signed up. I think so now as I’m asked for another upfront cost to upgrade. So really what is the difference if I had a normal tariff and I paid the remainder off and this tariff. Both I can upgrade on. Seriously thinking of leaving o2 after being wit them since 18 when they was the other company.
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Re: Is the upgrade really “on us”

There's a huge difference between "device amount left to pay" and "upfront payment"
But either way it's never "on us" as you have to give your old device back.
It's pretty simple tbh

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Re: Is the upgrade really “on us”

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Re: Is the upgrade really “on us”

You hand the phone back and O2 clear your device plan, that's all.
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Re: Is the upgrade really “on us”

It's in the links but bear in mind that this whole process needs to be done instore and everything will be explained to you. At that stage you will be able to decide whether to upgrade or rethink your options. 

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Re: Is the upgrade really “on us”

You'd have to pay the upfront cost regardless - all the upgrade on us does is pay off your old device plan when you go to pick up the order (has to be done click and collect).

You can do it online or instore (just don't do it on the my o2 app as that had me opening another contract. I did it on a PC and it went fine).