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If I pay and upgrade early...



I got a contract with o2 around a month ago and want to early upgrade so I can get the iPhone X, because I didn't pass credit check the first time I had to put down a deposit of £200 will I get this back if I pay off my phone bill in full to upgrade? Also if I do this can I go onto a contract that means I don't have to make an upfront payment for the phone as I did that last time?

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Re: If I pay and upgrade early...

You will get the money back certainly. The £200 is in case you miss payments and it is used to pay outstanding charges. 

Normally they do not credit check when upgrading but in your case I personally don't know owing to them wanting a deposit last time. 

To be honest, because you want to upgrade again after a month I think you need to call 202 and discuss it with them as they can give you definitive answers. 

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Re: If I pay and upgrade early...

You need to fully pay your device plan and proceed to upgrade. The £200 will be credited to your account.
This completed device plan should then have improved your credit rating too.
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Re: If I pay and upgrade early...

Hi @Ezra let us know how you're getting on with this and if you have any further questions? Smiley Happy

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