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I need a help with my bill

Hello Guys


Can somebody tell me why on the internet i mean on o2.co.uk is showing me 60pounds i need to pay if i didnt use nothing ? I have checked the bills and everywthing but it doesnt showing me nothing, it is a mistake ? or  what ? Help Guys

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Re: I need a help with my bill

ring 202 and get o2 to explain it to you

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Re: I need a help with my bill

If you go to MyO2 you can click "View my bill" and "What I've used" and you should see a breakdown of your bill.

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Re: I need a help with my bill

No need to call 202.


Log in online to view you breakdown bill. If you have forgotten your username and/or password, you can always click "forgot username and/or password" to have it reset.


Here you will be able to check for yourself. I hope this helps.

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