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I am an NHS nurse and O2 have destroyed my credit rating and it’s because of their incompetence!!

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O2 have absolutely destroyed my credit rating and are refusing to fix THEIR mistake!!


I was a good and loyal customer of O2 for five years at the time and my 24 month contract on an IPhone was due to come to an end in August 2018. I decided to upgrade through the Carphone Warehouse and start on a new O2 contract as I got a better deal that way. I did everything the sales guy in the Carphone Warehouse told me to do and cancelled my old contract,paid the final bill and I was assured it was all resolved!!


Fast forward to December 2018 and my husband discovers while checking our bank statement that we are still paying my old bill AND my new bill!! I immediately phoned O2 to find out what was going on to be told by a very grumpy customer service agent that my old account had never been closed hence the two bills!! I explained that I had been assured in August it was closed and that I now had a new contract with O2 and no longer owned the phone or used the number on the old account and just wanted to close it. She explained I'd have to pay ANOTHER final bill to close it!! I did so, reluctantly, with assurances from this agent that this was the matter finally resolved. She also told me if I received final bills through the post just to ignore them as they were automatically generated.

We did get two or three letters through the post as she said but it was for the amount I had paid to close the account so I again did as she said and ignored them.


We moved house in March 2019 and believed the matter had been resolved as we heard nothing more from O2. It wasn't until a few months later when we were applying for a mortgage through a broker  and she informed me after doing a soft credit check that there was a default marker on my file from O2 for £42 that we knew anything was wrong. To say I was furious would be an understatement!! I immediately phoned O2 (AGAIN!!) to found out why this was happening only to be shouted at by a customer services agent that I was refusing to pay my bill!! I explained to him,and I was in tears at this point, that I wasn't refusing to pay I just didn't understand why I had a bill of £42 when I had been told months ago the account was closed. I finally got to speak to a much nicer agent who didn't understand why any of this had happened and explained he would wipe the £42 from my file and close the account!! So it hadn't been closed AGAIN!! 

However he explained although he could sort out the mistake he could not fix the mark on my credit file and referred me to the O2 credit referral team giving me the email address and all the details I would need to include in the email. I sent the email and waited for a response. When I finally got a email back from the referral team they refused to remove the marker from my file stating I STILL owed £42!! 😡 So despite assurances from the pleasant customer services agent I was still no further forward!!

I now had no idea what to do and decided to think it over. By this point it was late 2019 and COVID was looming. I had to make a major move back to the North East for family reasons and as a nurse in the NHS my life has been completely consumed by this pandemic since early 2020 and my issues with O2 unfortunately got put on the back burner until this month when I decided to check my credit score again before applying for a mortgage. I knew the default mark would be there however what I found was that O2 had CONTINUED to put default markers on my file for £42 reducing my credit score to basically NOTHING!! I now can not apply for a mortgage FULL STOP as no bank will look at me and it's all because of O2's incompetence as a company and their APPALLING customer service!! 😡😡


If anyone can please help I am absolutely desperate and at my wits end to get this resolved so I can move on and get my credit score fixed.


I understand this is a forum and I'm not speaking directly to O2 but if anyone can point me in the direction of who I need to speak to I'd be very grateful.








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Let me tag @Thomaso1 who may be able to help...

The first thing to do is a put a notice on your credit report to say you dispute the default.

I would then log a complaint with o2 via the complaints procedure

If o2 then say they will refuse the default marker it can take upto 60 days for this to be shown in your credit files
Unfortunately if o2 still refuse the default there is very little you can do , unless you take it to the ombudsman.

But wait to see what Thomas can do for you, as if you go down the complaints route they wont be able to help
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Im so sorry to hear what has happened @NurseMallon. I will PM you now and see what we can do.

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The only department that can help you is:
Credit File Referrals Team
Suite P
Arlington Business Centre
LS11 0NE
Fax 0113 2025865

Unfortunately there's no phone number and emails should be responded to within 10 working days.

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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